Tattoo Artist (Resident GUEST)


Chiara is a very special artist who is a regular guest and conquers our hearts with her incredibly fine motifs.

Chiara comes from the picturesque hills of North Italy and brings a wonderful mix of elegance and know-how to Wiesbaden. With her focus on fineline and micro realism, she enchants her customers with delicate, fine works that touch the senses.

Her works are delicate and detailed, as if they had come to life straight from a storybook. The fine lines make the motifs almost float, while the micro realism brings every little detail to life.

Chiara is all about beauty, the essence of art and the meaning a tattoo has for the wearer. She always takes the time with her clients to explore and understand their ideas and feelings. This is the only way she can ensure that her works are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also have a deeper, personal meaning.

We love it when Chiara is a guest. Their presence brings a magical atmosphere that speaks volumes and inspires us all. Although her name means “clear” in French, there is a certain impenetrable mystery to her work that fascinates and makes us lose ourselves in each of her artworks.

Let’s celebrate Chiara together, admire her passion for tattoo art and be inspired by her expertise in the areas of fineline and micro realism. Stop by, let yourself be enchanted and take a piece of Chiara’s unique style home with you.

“Organization is the first step towards success.”

- Chiara

See more of Chiara’s tattoos, sketches and content on her Instagram page

Chiara's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Chiara’s work.