Junior Tattoo Artist

Michael is our newest addition to the team and has been our trainee since November 2021. Drawing and Painting has accompanied Michael (Micha for short) since he can think back. He has had the dream of tattooing for a long time, but something always came up in the last few years. Through his colorful ways in life he was able to see and try out a lot and found out that you should live your dreams and not be afraid to “dare” something. Micha loves to work with people and to make them happy. And this works best when you can give a beautiful work of art that lasts forever! His drawing style goes into the direction of Blackwork, Mandala and Fineline, but Micha is not too fixed – learning by doing is the motto here. We liked Micha’s open and happy manner from the beginning and we are excited to see where the journey together will lead.

Micha is tattooing since June 2023.


“Why easy when things can be complicated?”

- michael

See more of Michas’s sketches and content on his Instagram page

Micha's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Micha’s work.