Tattoo Artist (Resident / chef)

Traditional / Neo-Traditional

Our owner and founder Jools has been tattooing for over 10 years. In July 2017 she opened 13 Needles and since then has put every free minute and all of her heart and soul into the design, her work and the organization. For Jools, tattooing is more than just a job. It’s passion and home.

Most of all, she likes colorful and intense traditional motifs – in contrast to this, she just as likes to create soft and detailed elements. No matter in which direction the journey goes: preferably colorful, solid and somehow different. Clear lines and rich colors: Bold will hold! Despite her stylistic preferences, Jools is not necessarily fixated on one style – whether neo-traditional, fineline or even black & gray – somehow she is at home in every profession.

Jools is very fond of details, likes to combine thick and thin lines as well as flowers in one motif and loves to work freehand or from the head – a balanced understanding of colors makes her motifs unmistakable. Anyone who knows her work knows and appreciates: Here you get what you want – and that with its own, special touch.

In addition to tattooing as such, she is also very active on paper – not least, she was able to inspire you with her Traditional Zodiac Project – you can purchase a number of her original paintings and art prints directly from us in our shop or in our online shop .

You always get appointments at Jools on a quarterly basis (the year consists of 4 quarters. For example, the months January to March are the first quarter and so on).


You can use the form below to make an appointment request on the day of the current allocation – if you don’t get an appointment or missed the day, you can simply put yourself on the waitlist. Jools will then contact you in the event of a no show or free appointment.

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“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”

- Jools

See more of Jools’ tattoos, sketches and content on her Instagram page

Jools’ Gallery

Here’s a selection of Jools’ work.