Tattoo Artist (Resident)

Black & Grey / Realistic / Lettering / New School / Color Realism

Our latest resident entry is Steward or “Stew” for short – he has been a permanent member of our team since June 2020 and convinces with soft, realistic Black & Gray and his mostly freehand lettering – but his heart definitely beats just as much for colorful realism and biomechanics or newschool.

The commissioned painter, who originally came from the graffiti scene (whether spraying, airbrushing, painting with acrylic, modeling or digital work) discovered tattooing as his passion and in 2016 decided to become self-employed in this profession. Stew takes all the time he needs to conjure up a tailor-made tattoo for you and his calm and sometimes gossiped manner is contagious and likes to entertain the whole studio. If you are looking for a tattoo in his direction, you are in good hands with him.

He tries continuously to grow on his projects and customers in order to get better and better. We all agree that it is not an easy job in itself – but Stewie loves to participate in the lives of people who entrust him with their skin and transform their wishes, dreams and experiences into tattoos.

“Why easy when things can be complicated?”

- Stew

See more of Stew’s tattoos, sketches and content on his Instagram page

Stewards Gallery

Here’s a selection of Stewards’ work.