Junior Tattoo Artist

Juli is our new addition and has been part of the team as an apprentice since the beginning of 2023. Through her art, Juli has found a way to make her feelings and thoughts visible and thus inspire many people. For Juli, art is much more than just a hobby, it is her voice, her expression and her greatest passion. Tattooing has been a dream of Julie for a long time and she can’t wait to get her art under her skin for eternity. Juli would prefer to work in the blackwork style, whereby she is particularly attracted to motifs that have something to do with nature, witchcraft and the creepy. Outside of the shop, Juli enjoys working in oils and creating large, surrealistic paintings

Juli has now started tattooing and accepts small to palm-sized designs on special terms.

If you are interested in an appointment with her, please send a request using her appointment request form or contact us directly in the studio.

Appointment request form: click here


“even if i could change just one person’s life, it would be more than worth it.”

- juli

See more of Juli’s sketches and content on his Instagram page

Juli's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Juli’s work.