Tattoo Artist (Resident Guest)

Realism / Surrealism

Our resident guest Santiago is almost an integral part of our team. He visits regularly every month and always leaves a lasting impression with his work. Santiago is an artist who is at home in the field of realism and surrealism.

Santiago has a love of detail and approaches the designs of his projects very thoughtfully. He is not afraid to cross borders and take new paths, especially in surrealism, which always makes his work exciting.

The special thing about Santiago’s realism is the way it works – realism is usually done without outlines, Santiago works differently, with his own touch.

Santiago was born in Argentina and lived in Spain for a long time. He has been tattooing for over 17 years and can therefore show a lot of experience as well as many awards and prizes from Brazil, Argentina and many other places in the world.

„Stick to the roots and stay loyal to the craft of tattooing!“

- Santiago

See more of Santiago’s tattoos, sketches and content on his Instagram page

Santiago's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Santiago’s work.