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When it comes to piercings, Kara (short for Karaleen) is your piercer of choice. She’s been piercing for over 7 years now and definitely convinces you with her open-minded and merry nature. Already at a young age she got in touch with piercings and that’s when she knew: this is the job I want to do one day! You can feel the passion in the way she does her work – she loves creating fancy combinations and always has an open ear for her clients thoughts and wishes. Also she’s not stepping back from advising against an idea, for example if she thinks it’s anatomically unfavourable.

“Pain is temporary” – was the first tattoo that I got and it suits quite well to the piercing topic, doesn’t it? Yes it hurts for a second – but the pain will fade and you will have a wonderful piece that’ll make you happy for a long time! That’s worth the little prick, right?

- Karaleen

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Titanium is also used in medical technology for implants such as hip prostheses, etc.
Pure titanium has a very smooth surface and hardly any foreign substances – it is over 99% pure. You can assume that there will be no allergies or other skin irritations – the healing process also proceeds faster.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a fluorocarbon that has been used in the body for decades in the medical field (for example as artificial joints). Due to the homogeneous surface, PTFE shows an extremely anti-adhesive behavior, i.e. no sticking of the wound secretion. Due to the particularly good compatibility of these materials, your freshly engraved piece of jewelry can heal much faster and with less complication and is ready to be replaced after its healing phase. Please be sure to observe and adhere to the corresponding healing time!

To change, we have a large selection of jewelry right in the shop! Whether silver, gold, rose gold or black – with or without Swarovski crystals – we have a number of colors and shapes! You can look at our treasures at any time (currently on Fridays and Saturdays) without an appointment, buy them and of course have them exchanged. For particularly unusual and high-quality pieces of jewelry (real gold, etc.), we are also happy to offer you the option of ordering the jewelry of your choice for a deposit.


Bodypart Price per piece
30 €
Ear Cartilage (Helix, Tragus, Rook, etc.)
64 €
64 €
Lip Ligament
64 €
Navel / Bellybutton
74 €
74 €
85 €
74 €
74 €
74 €
74 €
Skin Diver
65 €
Dermal Anchor
85 €
85 €
from 100 €
Service Price per piece
Initial Gold Jewelry
10 € additional
Jewelry Change
from 5 €
Dermal Anchor Removal
15 € Base Price
10 € per additional
Pin shortening
5 €
Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleansing
10 €

Karaleens Gallery

Here’s a selection of Kara’s work.