Tattoo Artist (Resident Guest)

Mandala / Blackwork / Geometric / Fineline

Our latest resident guest Jordi is originally from Barcelona – and has been a member of our befriended studio Volt Tattoo in Palma since July 2021.

He started drawing at an early age and after one of his friends was so enamored with his paintings, he tried tattooing and stuck with it. He has found his style in blackwork and feels very comfortable with it. The fancier the better.

His works convince with fine and delicate lines as well as strong contrasts. Jordi loves to work out motifs individually and unusually, but feels just as comfortable with patterns, mandalas and dotwork.

Friends of the unusual and intensive Blackwork are in good hands with him.

„Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know where to search for it”

- Jordi

See more of Jordi’s tattoos, sketches and content on his Instagram page

Jordi's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Jordi’s work.