Tattoo Artist (Resident)

Neo-Traditional / Blackwork / Fineline

Arnold started out as a tattooer at 13 Needles in fall of 2017 and went full time in August 2018.

As a jack of all trades he’s open to various styles and themes but found his true calling in Neo-Traditional. His favourite designs and themes include animal and human portraits as well as all kinds of objects like daggers, swords or anything medieval. Creating lively, dynamic and expressive designs are the key features that drive Arnold. He looks to achieve this by creating a distinct flow through a balanced contrast between bold and delicate lines. To round his designs off he likes to incorporate either floral or ornamental design elements or a combination of both.

Predominantly doing blackwork, he’s always happy for a chance to do something more colourful – just let him know in advance.
Tattooing might be about aesthetics, but to Arnold it’s so much more. It’s his way of evolving and growing as a human being and most importantly, a way to unlock his true self.

“Drawing has been a passion for me since early childhood and one day doing a job in which I can live out this passion has always been a dream. That’s why I’m more than happy that it has become a reality. I work with great attention to detail in my drawings and am fascinated by mythological themes and motifs. I am determined to do something new and to go my own way as a tattoo artist – and to actively contribute to this culture. I have high demands on myself as a person and as an artist and as a tattooist I will meet the same demands.”

- Arnold

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Arnolds Gallery

Here’s a selection of Arnold’s work.