Tattoo Artist (Resident Guest)

Neo-Traditional / Art Nouveau

Lorena is Brazilian, born in a small town called Campina Verde. From an early age she loves to draw and to act creatively. Her advantage is definitely that her mother was already a tattoo artist – so she already had contact with the subject at the age of 9 and the opportunity to learn various techniques and specialist knowledge.

In 2002 she picked up the needle for the first time – she traveled a lot and began her apprenticeship in London when she was 19. In 2014 she opened her own shop “Forget Me Not Tattoos” in Spain, which she gave up after 5 years to travel around the world. Lorena is a born artist – with very own, fine and elaborate motifs, which often move in one color group – she likes to combine black & gray with a striking color such as yellow or orange.

Lorena is our guest several times a year.

„My body is my diary, my tattoos are my story.“

- Lorena

See more of Lorenas tattoos, sketches and content on her Instagram page

Lorenas Gallery

Here’s a selection of Lorenas work.