Tattoo Artist (Resident)

Black & Grey / Fotorealism

Klara has been working as a tattoo artist for about 5 years now and is specialised in Black & Grey and Foto-Realism. She prefers tattooing bigger projects such as Faces, Animals and Florals – but is also enthusiastic about smaller motives.

Whether portrait or lion – Klara’s work looks deceptively real and even looks healed like on the first day. Here you can be sure – if you entrust your skin to Klara, you will go home with a masterpiece that you will enjoy for a long time.

She designs individual motives for every client and faces them with a lot of patience. Whether a specification or your own design – Klara likes to do both and tries to inspire her customers.

Besides tattooing, Klara is also artistically active – whether with coal or oil – you can purchase some of her original paintings on her website.

“Be better than you were yesterday.”

- Klara

See more of Klara’s tattoos, sketches and content on her Instagram page

Klara's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Klara’s work.