Tattoo Artist (Resident Guest)

Mandala / Blackwork / Geometric / Fineline

Justin has been working as a tattoo artist since 1998 and is therefore our “oldest rabbit”.

At that time, his training was still very “old school” – he still had to learn to solder his needles and assemble his machines himself. His style has changed and developed a lot over the years – what started with tribals went through traditional and watercolor and towards the end has specialized in blackwork, linework and mandala.

Because of his passion for lines and black tattoos, which he incidentally finds very aesthetic, he came to his current style, which he now only tattoos.

By the way, Justin doesn’t usually spend his evening on the couch in front of the TV – he has fulfilled his lifelong dream for a few years now and lives in a converted bus with which he travels through world history, preferably in Portugal. And when the fingers itch again and everything screams for work, he comes and visits regularly to decorate you with his mandalas. Justin has his own style and therefore his own mind – a free hand and trust in his work is extremely important to him.

„Tattoos have always been fascinating me. The lifestyle, the rebellious attitude always had a special charm to me. In general I live the mantra: our life is the result of our thoughts – if you think positive, your life as well will be positive.”

- Justin

See more of Justins tattoos, sketches and content on his Instagram page

Justin's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Justin’s work.