Daniels bauti

Tattoo Artist (Resident Guest)


Our latest resident guest access is Daniels Bauti – he has been with us since July 2021 and comes to visit us at regular intervals, namely every 3 months.
Daniels ’style is unmistakably unique, his lines and shades clear, soft and clean. His motifs captivate with elegant and skillful simplicity and at the same time attention to detail – mostly earthy tones paired with skillful and balanced contrast in black surfaces. All in all, they reflect his many years of experience as a tattoo artist – it is not for nothing that he is known as an artist all over the world and is accordingly valued for his work.

A free hand in his compositions is very important for Daniels – but you can be sure: you will definitely not be disappointed here!

The Spaniard has been working as a tattoo artist for more than 13 years and runs his own studio “Volt Tattoo” in Palma de Mallorca. Daniels is a rather calm character, speaking English is a little difficult for him – but don’t worry – we are there and are always happy to help with mediating / translating.

„Warum einfach, wenn’s auch kompliziert geht?“

- Daniels

See more of Daniels’ tattoos, sketches and content on his Instagram page

Daniels' Gallery

Here’s a selection of Daniels’ work.