Tattoo Artist (Resident Guest)

Black & Grey / Realistic

Our resident guest Dan Niebla has been with us since July 2021 and comes to visit us at regular intervals every 3 months.

Dan’s realistic motifs are often paired with skillfully set outlines (rather untypical for the style) or ornamental decorations.
A free hand in his compositions is very important for Dan – but you can be sure: you will definitely not be disappointed here!

It’s hard to believe: the young Spaniard has been working with his mentor Daniels in his studio “Volt Tattoo” in Palma de Mallorca for just 2 years – and his work is already on a higher level than that of some old hands. Dan speaks English and Spanish – but don’t worry – we are there and are always happy to help with mediating / translating.

“Why easy when things can be complicated?”

- Dan

See more of Dan’s tattoos, sketches and content on his Instagram page

Dan's Gallery

Here’s a selection of Dan’s work.